Points Prediction Competition

points predictionBee’s Cheescakes, based in Leigh but with links to Yorkshire, are the place to go for delicious, homemade cheescakes – and they have kindly offered the grand prize of a fantastic large cheesecake for the winner of the first ever Get ’em Onside points prediction competition which offers a different way to enjoy rugby league.

Predict the total number of points across a Super League weekend and, simply, the closer you are the more points you get. 10 points for the closest, 5 points for the second closest and 3 points for the third closest, if you were to somehow get the exact number you would accrue 20 points to your total.

If you fancy a go at winning the grand prize, make sure you get your prediction in before the first kick off of the game week via facebook, twitter, instagram or email (ppc.getemonsideblog@gmail.com). Make sure to check Get ’em Onside’s social media accounts for the posts to comment on – they won’t be getting posted elsewhere.

So, to win a large cheesecake from Bees Cheesecakes, get predicting. If you wish to check out the rules, read here.